Caught by the Headmistress

Submitted by Natasha
968 days ago
I was attending a Posh Girls school and had become Best friends with Juicy Ginger, now I dont know who was leading who astray but we both always seemed to be in trouble, we had just got back from seeing the Headmistress and discovered there was more to her than anyone would have ever Imagined. We soon settled down after our ordeal with the Head and started to relax and have a little play, you know just some old fashioned Girlie Fun, but before long we were both Hard at it but I think we were making a little too much noise and were worried someone would hear us. Our Fears were realized as the headmistress burst into our dorm room and caught us hard at it so to speak, but insisted we carried on so she could watch, but she soon decided she wanted to play too and joined in and introduced us to one of her Toys as well as the Real Thing. Trisha xxx

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