Garys Angels 4 - The Night Shift

Submitted by Aleksei
105 days ago
After a long night shift on the streets of Gotham City, Gary’s Angels get back to their pad with a bag of swag they had taken off One of Big Franks Gang, Bugsy who they had captured that night raiding a local well known Sex Shop, they need to bring it all back to record it, ready to be admitted as evidence in court, they are both dressed in their short black cat suits, whale net tights and long black thigh high boots It’s been a long night and they need a drink so the girls get a glass of wine and head for the bedroom and discuss the nights work before emptying the bag of goodies on to the bed to sort it out and log it all in the evidence book, they start to shift through it all, various dildos and vibrators, anal plugs, electro cuffs and DVD’s the girls comment on Bugsys good taste as he had stolen DVDs featuring the Girls Themselves Trisha and Savana. It’s quite a collection and a lot to write down. As they are logging them, they each pick out one of interest that they decide might be worth trying out they inspect them more detail and put them to one side along with the Electro Cuffs which might be useful when apprehending Villains, they then put everything else back into the Bag along with the Evidence book The girls start to kiss then unzip the catsuits and release their breasts and start to squeeze each other’s tits and suck on their nipples Then they each turn around so the other can unzip the bottom section to reveal their juicy pussies. Then they turn to face each other and kiss while their hands explore each other’s very wet pussies they take it in turn to lick each other. Once both are wet, each takes it in turn to insert the dildos before they both lie back on the bed and swap Dildo’s start to slide the dildos in and out of their pussies until they orgasm. Having satisfied their Carnal Desires the girls Decide to Try out the Electro cuffs and are quite surprised at the overall effect and have quite a bit of fun trying them out but decide to keep them for future use on the villains they encounter.

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